Cape Splash dips toe into 10th season

Has it really been a decade?

Cape Splash has kicked off its 10th year of fun, having opened on Saturday, and reaching capacity at times over the weekend.

It's been an extremely popular addition to Cape Girardeau's park system.

The water park has averaged about 80,000 patrons per summer over the last nine years, and the revenue taken in has done more than just pay for operations. It has also allowed the water park to expand its offerings with big slides and a pirate ship feature.

The facility was originally built thanks to a parks tax, but the operations are supported by admission fees and vending sales. The price of admission increased by $1 this season, but it's still very affordable, especially when compared to some other similar facilities.

The facility requires 22 lifeguards, nine slide attendants and a lifegurard manager to oversee pool safety on a daily basis.

The facility is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily until Aug. 12, when it reduces to weekends only through Labor Day weekend.

We hope all the kids out there get a chance to enjoy Cape Splash this summer. It's a nice amenity for the city.