Letter to the Editor

Thanks for coverage of rally

Thank you for covering our #StoptheBans rally on Monday, May 20 in Cape Girardeau at Capaha Park. It is my firmly held belief that true journalism is reporting on issues that affect all of us, and reporting on these issues factually.

It was wonderful to see you report on both sides of the issue by inviting us into your space to speak on the topic. The rally was an event held by the people, for the people and all were welcomed who wanted to demonstrate with us peacefully.

Rallies, demonstrations, and protests are one of the ultimate forms of power that people hold in their communities outside the ballot box. We all hold the power to influence our representatives, and this is one of many ways we can exercise our democratic power. Everyone should be allotted the space to practice and express our values without them being intruded upon by others. For many of us, as proven by Monday, that is through demonstration.

So, thank you Southeast Missourian for being willing to cover this rally. By doing so, you show the Southeast Missouri region that democracy is alive and well in our community. Showing up to the polls isn't enough to make your community a better place. On a daily basis, we must find ways in which to edify your community and the community at large.

AARON LERMA, Cape Girardeau