Letter to the Editor

If pro-life, consider the following

The state legislature recently passed a bill which makes abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy illegal. A law such as this one is unfair. It makes the person performing the abortion a felon, but does not punish the individual who contracts for and/or pays for this operation.

I would point out that approximately 40% of the births in this country are to unmarried women. Among millions of custodial parents who were awarded child support, less than 50% receive all of the child support money which is due to them. This new law will not improve either one of these situations.

If a person is really pro-life as opposed to just being pro-birth, I would suggest that they should favor the following:

* Free birth control which is safe and effective for all women over the age of 12. This would apply whether or not the woman has parental consent. Abortion is not an issue if a person is not pregnant.

* For the sake of these children, the federal and state governments must provide an adequate safety net. This would include a robust system of health care for the mother and the child, adequate housing and the food required for a proper diet. An excellent system of public education is also a necessity. This will enable these children to obtain the skills necessary to be productive citizens. Otherwise, we will have an underclass in this country which will be the source of endless problems.

JOHN PIEPHO, Cape Girardeau