Letter to the Editor

The lies from Dems continue

How many people like being lied to for over two years? The Mueller report proved this is what mainstream media and the Democrat leaders have done. Now they do not apologize to the American people. It is very sad that there are people who still watch the mainstream media and believe their biased reporting. How in the world can they trust anything the fake news media says? They lied about collusion. Does it not register to viewers that they will lie about other things also? Come on, people. Use a little common sense.

On top of this lie, Trump was in Vietnam trying to negotiate world peace with North Korea, but Democrats and the media put a convicted liar in front of Congress to lie some more and the media broadcast it live nationwide. The Democrats and media made their point that they donít support Trumpís efforts at peace. Why?

Recently, the Democrats wasted the precious time in Congress by reading for 12 hours the entire Mueller report. If anyone wanted to hear it they could read it themselves. Why waste Congressí time doing such a dumb thing?

Democrats are trying to force AG Barr to break the federal law and release the full Mueller report. Why? Do the Democrats not know the law? I could give examples all day, but I think I made my point.

I hope that Democrats reading this will realize that the Democrat party of today in NOT the Democrat party their parents loved. Please think about it.

GERARD MACKE, Leopold, Missouri