Letter to the Editor

Feedback from protest

I just finished standing on Freedom Corner in Cape Girardeau in a rally suggesting that President Trump is not so good for our nation. I was one of the people holding the large IMPEACH sign. We got a lot of positive feedback and some negative, probably more positive than negative.

What concerned me is that a lot of the negative was in the form of showing the middle finger. This kind of behavior exemplifies why I do not support President Trump. Just because you disagree with someone, is that a reason to [show the finger]? This is the kind of behavior that President Trump has encouraged and even demonstrated in his rallies.

Letís just try talking to each other with respect, and yes even with love. This is after all what Jesus and Muhammad and Buddha, etc. asked us to do. The middle finger does not do that. Iím happy to have a respectful discussion with anyone who would like to talk.

God bless America and the world,

STEVE ESSNER, Cape Girardeau