LFCS offers free counseling for abuse, neglect victims

Friday, April 26, 2019

Those who struggle with a past of abuse and neglect have a free resource for help.

Lutheran Family and Children's Services of Southeast Missouri is offering free counseling services for those seeking healing and help.

The idea, according to reporting by Kassi Jackson, is to not just help the victim but help prevent the abuse cycle from continuing.

"We don't want [abuse and neglect] to become a pattern, so we really do some intervening with counseling and case-managing with our programs here," said Morgan Beasley, regional director of LFCS's southeast region.

Evelyn Beussink, assistant director of LFCS's southeast region and one of its counselors, said LFCS is also helping victims understand what a healthy relationship looks like.

"We're modeling the way that they should be treated and the way that they should treat their kids," Beussink said. "It's almost like we're re-parenting them in a way."

LFCS does critical work for abused children, and it's critical work. Those children victims grow up to become teenagers and adults and parents. LFCS understands that healing interventions need to take place for the abused, not just for their own health, but for their future partners.

If you struggle with emotions surrounding abuse, please consider counseling. You have nothing to lose by talking privately with someone with expertise in how abuse affects mental health and how to move on from it.

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