Adult, Teen Challenge opens door to hope vs. addiction

Monday, April 22, 2019

Focusing on “an open door to hope” the Adult and Teen Challenge Mid-America hosted its spring banquet April 13, setting an all-time high for its banquet attendance.

The organization helps teens and men recover from drug addiction.

Jake Scott, a 2014 graduate of the program and now staff at ATCMA, told the audience his story is more common than what most are willing to believe. He turned to addictions in order to cope with a broken home.

“By the age of 21,” Scott said, “I thought I had done and seen it all. ... At this point, I had done every drug I said I’d never do.”

In November 2017, as described in a story by Joshua Hartwig, he awoke in a hospital with his mother at his bedside, he said, after having overdosed for the fifth time that year. But something inside him changed, Scott said.

And in December 2017, his life began to transform for the better after coming into contact with Teen Challenge. There, he discovered God and built a faith that helped him distance himself from his old lifestyle, and “the way to freedom through a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Like many others, he said, ATCMA “was the program I so desperately needed.”

Amazing and miraculous recoveries happen on the campus of the ATCMA. It’s worth knowing about the organization, and it’s worth your support.

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