Progress 2019: Take Leadership to Next Level with Adrienne Ross Communications

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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Do you feel you've reached your leadership lid, or do you recognize room for growth? Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level? Excellent! Right here in your own community, Adrienne Ross is qualified to facilitate that step.

Ross is a John Maxwell-certified speaker, trainer and coach. Maxwell is the number one leadership expert in the world, and as a member of The John Maxwell Team, Ross brings Maxwell's proven principles to businesses, churches, organizations, schools and individuals.

Ross facilitates Mastermind groups, where like-minded people come together locally or virtually to dive into John Maxwell's resources; share insights, failures and successes; and challenge and inspire one another -- in a professional, enjoyable atmosphere.

As a Maxwell-certified behavioral analysis trainer, Ross administers the Maxwell DISC Method personality assessment, a tool that helps people understand their own personality and communication style, as well as that of those with whom they interact. Ross also conducts DISC training, workshops and debriefings, following up with individuals and groups.

In addition, Ross offers one-on-one and group coaching/mentoring, leadership assessments, Lunch & Learns, keynotes, workshops and more. All services are available for youth and adults.

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