Progress 2019: 3 Reasons to Think Long-Term with Riverside Roofing

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Riverside Roofing is the leader in commercial and industrial roofing experience, providing high-quality, long-lasting roofing systems across the Southeast Missouri region.

The company, with combined team experience of 173 years, has completed many local projects, including the Sugar Fire, Kay Jewelers, Great Clips and Saint Francis Medical Healing Arts building in Cape Girardeau; Harbor Freight in Cape Girardeau; Scott City School; Kennett Junior High School; Marquand-Zion School and Alliance Bank in Jackson.

Upcoming projects include sections of West Park Mall, Cape County Courthouse, Cottonwood Residential Treatment facilities and the Miner Burger King.

Owner Kyle Schuessler advises clients to think long-term when choosing the amount of money to invest in a roofing system for three reasons:

1. Your roof is your primary line of protection from the weather.

2. Experienced installers know how to do the details. Failed roofs are typically caused by improperly installed details.

3. "Going cheap" on a roof will cost you more in the long-run; paying for two roofs that last 10 years each will ultimately cost more than one roof with a 20-year life.

Riverside Roofing would like to assist you in your next roofing project. For more information, contact their office at (573) 803-4028.