Speak Out 4/14/19

Pick up poop

I frequent our beautiful walking trails in Jackson and Cape most every day. It’s disgusting how much dog feces is left either on the walking track, alongside or out in the grass nearby. What are you people thinking? How can you be this disrespectful and lazy? Dog feces carry more than 10 diseases! If you love your dog enough to walk him, love him enough to pick up the feces! Both cities have city ordinances against not picking up the waste, and if I witness such an event, I will most certainly make a complaint with the police.

MoDOT underfunded?

MoDOT does a good job, but they need to realize that we don’t buy their narrative that they’re underfunded. Stop wasting money on the witless road signs that only serve as distractions to drivers. Stop wasting money on mile markers every tenth of a mile.