Letter to the Editor

Use tax is about fairness

Friday, March 29, 2019

This is Charlie Glueck from Jackson Tire Center. I felt it important to share a local retailer's point of view as it relates to the use tax issue. It is common knowledge among local retailers that we have a new fierce competitor: online purchasing.

At my business, we have customers who purchase tires and aftermarket wheels online, then bring them to our store for installation. Part of what initiates the online purchase is the savings they receive by not paying out of state sales tax.

Those of us in business know that the community expectations of us, as local retailers, is very high. It is not uncommon in our business to have a weekly review of all the requests we have received from the community regarding monetary support, community events or fundraisers. These requests may be high school yearbooks, sports programs, project graduation, FFA, PTO, chili suppers, 5K runs, community organizations, civic groups, golf tournaments and many personal and family fundraisers. The requests are vast, and most Jackson businesses are approached.

These are all worthwhile projects, but please recognize who is asked to support them: your local retailers. How many events do you think will get support from Amazon, eBay or Chewy.com?

Passing the use tax is a way of leveling the retail playing field. This is not a double tax. We simply ask that individuals who buy online or out of state pay the 2.5 percent sales tax.

We are asking that you vote yes on April 2 in favor of use tax to support local businesses and the city of Jackson.