Letter to the Editor

Time we cross the aisle

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

If the absence of the heartbeat is going to be the point we pronounce that life has ended, then why is the presence of a heartbeat not the point that we declare that life has begun? If you're going to hold to the belief that life does not begin until you're born, then why not hold to the belief that it doesn't end until you're buried.

Think about that. As it is, you can get away with killing babies that have a heartbeat but have not yet been born. If you play that logic out to the other end, why couldn't you get away with killing people that have a heartbeat but have not yet been buried?

I am sickened by our Democrat lawmakers as they proclaim their concern for the innocent lives that are lost to guns, while at the same time they put in overtime fighting for the legalization of killing more and more truly innocent babies.

Surely many Democrats are as sick of their party's actions as we Republicans. It's time "We the People" cross the aisle to put a stop to this lunacy. We have been conditioned to believe that elections are the only time that our voices count. But, can you imagine if all across the U.S. we, from both sides, would start showing up on the office steps of our representatives to let them know we are appalled at what they are trying to do?

MIKE JONES, Cape Girardeau