Like Father like son

Friday, March 1, 2019

Reed Borgfield of Jackson has been racing motorcycles since he was 4 years old . He is the son of Tim and Lora Borgfield of a Jackson and Tim is no stranger to racing as he has won numerous National championships as well as a World championship in motocross and Jet Ski Racing . Like Tim said he got it honestly and the apple didn’t fall to far from the tree and Reed has won numerous local and state championships in the mini bike classes and recently wrapped up in 2018 2 more Missouri State championships in the 100cc division . But this year Reed will be heading out on the National circuit on the AHRMA ( American historic racing motorcycle association ) tour stops will include races in Texas, Oklahoma,IArkansas, Alabama, Kentucky and Missouri. This year Reed will have double duty as he will be in the highly competitive 100 cc and 125cc classes . His sponsors include Amsoil Racing oil and chemicals ,Fastenal, 2 Brothers Racing , Hodaka Parts Inc. Clarke Tanks, Cycle Gear, Preston Petty Products and of course

Mom and Dad . With dad turning the wrench’s and keeping the bike up to speed and moms watcful eye on the track we are gearing up for a great season and looking forward to see how well we stack up against the best

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