Jackson High School Career Fair

Wednesday, February 27, 2019
During the Career Fair, students learned about the various job opportunities available in the Jackson Community.

On Wednesday, February 20, 2019, Jackson High School FBLA hosted a Skills Fair for the senior class and a Career Fair for the junior and sophomore classes. During the Skills Fair, local community businesses presented professional development skills to students that are not learned in the classroom. Elite Travel attended and discussed with students how to plan vacations, Katie Dambach from Proctor and Gamble discussed with students the number of career opportunities Proctor and Gamble offers, and ATA Legends taught basic self defense strategies, just to name a few. The seniors enjoyed every minute of the skills fair. One student was quoted saying, "I really enjoyed the fair. I learned about the kind of stuff that I need to know as an adult, but was never properly taught how to do it."

The junior and sophomore career fair consisted of local community business, much like the senior Skills Fair, but also in attendance were a few local colleges and universities. Students were provided with an opportunity to discuss the application process with Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Career and Technology Center, and Metro Business College.

Elite Travel brought goodies for the students to help guide them in the process of planning a vacation.
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