Cape parks department keeps the family-friendly festivities coming

Thursday, February 28, 2019

The City of Cape Girardeau is doing something right in terms of making memories.

Case in point is the father-daughter dance Feb. 16 at the Osage Centre. If you haven't yet, please go look at the photo gallery at www.semissourian.com.

The images dads doting on their daughters is priceless. This year's theme was "Wizard of Oz." According to Joshua Hartwig's reporting, Stacey Welter with parks and recreation said the event required nearly 20 staff members to prepare the food, including those assisting with cooking next door at Cape Splash. Within the gym, another 20 staff members were present, she said.

Not long later, the city put on a mother-son game night, with crazy games for them to enjoy, including Nerf gun wars. Photographer Jacob Wiegand was there to capture the night with photos. These, too, are published on the newspaper's website.

We appreciate the city making the effort to provide these fun events for families to enjoy. It's one of many things that makes Cape Girardeau such a great place to live and play.

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