'Night to Shine' an inspiring, unforgettable event

Friday, February 22, 2019

What does compassion look like?

Sometimes compassion looks like taking care of an older person who can no longer take care of himself. Sometimes it looks like a volunteer who tutors children struggling in school. Sometimes it looks like a check.

But sometimes it also looks like rock-and-roll and tiaras.

That's what the "Night to Shine" prom-style event recently held at the St. Paul Lutheran Church in Jackson was all about. The local dance was part of a nationwide effort led by the Tim Tebow Foundation to create an inclusive atmosphere for those age 14 and up with special needs, a prom where every participant is treated like a king or queen.

More than 200 people volunteered for the event, creating a blissful night of laughing and dancing for many, who might not otherwise be comfortable in such settings. The event included a red carpet, karaoke and even limo rides.

If you haven't yet seen the photos, we encourage you to go to semissourian.com and find the photo gallery of the dance. We'd like to thank all the volunteers for putting on this event and especially St. Paul for leading the way.

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