Fire Truck Ride is a Favorite Dinner Auction Item

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Ellis Wheeler, Everett & Elizabeth David, Finn & Lola Seyer & James Watkins pose for a picture after the children were dropped off safely by Mr. Watkins in the fire truck at Guardian Angel School.

One of the items that can be bid on at our annual dinner auction is a trip for 5 on the fire truck. The 5 get picked up from their house(s) in the morning, are given donuts to eat, and delivered safely to school. In the afternoon, the fire truck is first in line to pick up the same children and deliver them back home after given a treat of cookies. The 2018 purchaser of this item was Dan Wheeler, whose son doesn't even got to school yet and also lives in Cape Girardeau. However, he used the certificate by bringing his son to Oran (Dan's original home town) where the fire truck, manned by James Watkins, picked up Ellis Wheeler in Oran, his 2 cousins, Finn & Lola Seyer from Dexter, (whose parents are Oran natives) in Oran, and his 2 cousins, Elizabeth & Everett David, who live in Oran and go to school at Guardian Angel School. All 5 children were fed their donuts and delivered to Guardian Angel on Friday, February 15. However, Mother Nature had other plans and school was dismissed at 11:30 am due to forecasted inclement icy weather. The pick up from school by the fire truck was postponed to a later date.

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