5th & 6th Grade has Eventful Week at Guardian Angel School

Thursday, February 14, 2019
Derek Halter, Oran Post Office, holds the cards that the 5th & 6th grade students of Guardian Angel School made for him for "Thank a Mail Man Day".

Ms. Ann Whistler's 5th & 6th grade class of Guardian Angel School in Oran decided to make learning fun by celebrating a different event each day of the week from Feb. 4 thru 8. Monday was "thank a mailman day". The students made cards and half were given to Terry Eftink, father of Michael Eftink (6th grade) and a supervisor at the Chaffee Post Office, and the other half to Derek Halter, who is in charge of the Oran Post Office. The cards for Derek were taken to him on Wednesday and then he returned the favor by giving the students some coloring pages and a bag of candy. Tuesday was the start of the Chinese New Year, the "Year of the Pig". Ms. Ann's friend, Lai Yin from Hawaii, who originates from China, sent the students a video to watch regarding the Chinese New Year. It had a song sung by pigs in Chinese, with the words captioned in English. Since Wednesday was "Chopstick Day", Ms. Ann brought chopsticks for all her students and they were to eat their lunch of turkey & gravy, green beans, mashed potatoes and snickerdoodle cookie with the chopsticks. Some of them had trouble accomplishing this. Thursday was "send a card to a friend day". Everyone had to write a card for a friend, but it could not be a family member. The last day was "fly a kite day". However, when Ms. Ann went to try to buy the kites, all the stores told her they wouldn't carry them until about March, a couple of months away, even though they all carry Christmas decorations about 5 months prior to this season. Thus, she decided she would just buy the students bottles of bubbles and they would go outside and see what happens when bubbles are blown in freezing weather. They were beautiful and it looked liked the bubbles were colored purple, green, blue, yellow, etc. with the sun shining on them in the cold temperatures. Since Valentine's Day fell during the next week, that week they concentrated on Valentine related subjects. Weeks like this make school much more fun!! Thank you Ms. Ann for everything you do!

Students show off their ability to use chopsticks to eat lunch on Wednesday, Feb. 6. Around the lunch table are Amelia LeGrand, Michael Eftink, Ryder Siebert, Reid Hobbs, Parker Bryant, Cooper Bryant, Cora Woods, Altyn Timlin, & Ava Forehand.
The 5th & 6th grade students of Guardian Angel didn't mind the cold as they blew bubbles into the frigid air. The sun and bubble combination made for some very beautiful bubbles to float about. They had more fun blowing bubbles than they would have had flying kites on "Fly a Kite Day".
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