Letter to the Editor

Local media is 'friend' of the people

Thursday, February 14, 2019

While attending church this past Sunday, I glanced over and saw Southeast Missourian newspaper co-president and publisher Jon Rust and his wonderful wife Victoria! I couldn't help but feel how fortunate and blessed we are to have local media that truly cares about our community and the success we enjoy!

These thoughts were clearly triggered as a result of one day earlier attending the funeral of Cape Central's legendary Tiger Coach Terry Kitchen. At this celebration of life, my son and I sat next to Southeast Missourian's chairman of the board Gary Rust, Sr. and co-president Rex Rust and his wife Sherry. The entire Rust Communications team had so brilliantly captured the essence of Terry Kitchen at the 2018 Semoball Awards and forever memorialized Coach Kitchen in a speech that will transcend generations. It's this type of journalism, professionalism and love of community that make me so proud of our local media.

Exceptional media support has become a common theme amongst all our local media partners. Jackson's Cash-Book Journal, River Radio, Withers Broadcasting, KFVS 12 and even Cousin Carl are always willing to report, support and champion stories of local interest.

While national media has been under intense assault and even called "the enemy of the people," local media continues to deliver a product of community ambassadorship while still asking the hard questions.

Thanks to our local media for being "Friends of the People!"

JAY B. KNUDTSON, former mayor 2002-2010,

Cape Girardeau