Not a rom-com: Mom scouting date for son draws campus ire

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

TOWSON, Md. — It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and at Towson University in Maryland a mother has been trying so hard to find a date for her son police are concerned.

The Baltimore Sun reported a woman in her 50s wearing a multicolored scarf approached students in two campus buildings last week, showing them a picture on her cellphone and asking whether they would date her son.

After receiving multiple complaints from the mother’s picks, campus police issued an “incident advisory” including a link to pictures of the woman so she might be identified. Chief Charles Herring said her reported behavior “may cause concern.”

University officials say the woman isn’t being sought for a criminal investigation, but they do want the third-party propositioning to stop.

Information from: The Baltimore Sun,

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