Bayside: Old Songs Re imagined

Monday, February 11, 2019

For almost 15 years now Bayside has delighted fans from coast to coast. Hailing from Queens, New York this is a band that sticks true to its moniker of a "cult phenomenon." With a loyal fan base and heart felt lyrics it is no wonder that their sound and message comes through loud and clear even with a toned down acoustic set. "This is something unlike anything we have done before. We wanted to give you guys a show and do something different. That is why we decided why not take it back a little bit and do an acoustic tour," lead singer Anthony Raneri states to the crowd.

Near the end of the tour the Old Rock House in St. Louis, Missouri was packed to the brim of what that little room could hold. Despite not having an arena full of people or speakers that damaged your hearing for weeks the energy in the room was that of several thousand. Jokingly at the end of a nearly 90 minute set Anthony says "This is usually the time when we would walk off stage, give you guys a moment, the come back on for an encore. Well...we don't really have anywhere to walk in this space so can we pretend we left and came back?" The crowd roared and jumped up and down dramatically at request bringing the whole band to laughter.

The acoustic tour wrapped up on February 2nd in Nashville, Tennessee but never fear they will be playing again very soon this summer kicking off summer events May 31st through June 2nd at Bunbury Music Festival.

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