Workshop series a learning opportunity for business leaders

Friday, February 8, 2019

Several local organizations make it their business to help small business.

One that may not get as much attention as some of the others is The Small Business Technology Development Center, or SBTDC, which has an office at 920 Broadway, where Jakob Pallesen works as the director.

The center will be hosting a workshop series all across the Southeast Missouri region were entrepreneurs can learn more about what it takes to start and operate a business. The series includes some useful lessons, and they're free to the public.

"We're looking to plant a seed," Pallesen told business reporter Marybeth Niederkorn, then be available for follow-up.

"The staff here will facilitate each workshop," Pallesen said. "Although we love to partner with area businesses and people with expertise to come in and teach."

Registration is open for the series, set to kick off in April.

Business Success Series 2019 Workshops:

* Strategic Growth, April 3, Cape Girardeau

* Leadership Style, April 10, Cape Girardeau

* Quickbooks Online, April 11, Perryville, Missouri

* Exporting Opportunities, April 24, Poplar Bluff, Missouri

* Food and Consumer Trends, May 3, Kennett, Missouri

* Online Marketing Tools, May 7, Cape Girardeau

* Strategic Business Planning, May 22, Perryville

* Strategic Business Planning, May 29, Poplar Bluff

* 10 Ways to Innovate, June 5, Cape Girardeau

* Exporting Opportunities, June 12, Perryville

* Quickbooks Online, June 13, Cape Girardeau

* Strategic Growth, June 19, Poplar Bluff

* Website Setup, June 26, Sikeston, Missouri

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