December House Games at Guardian Angel School

Monday, February 4, 2019
t. Michael's house had dad (Connor Watkins) reading a book to the children and mom (Kaitlyn Jolley) sitting beside him. Children were portrayed by Kyle Eftink, Altyn Timlin, Baker Mattingly, Nolan Loper, Riley Ramsey, & Cooper Bryant.

The house competition for December was a little different than most game days at Guardian Angel School in Oran. Only one competition was held, but it involved every student in each house. On December 19, the last day before Christmas vacation, the houses competed against each other in a hunt for items to create a Christmas family scene. Each house member had to accumulate items from the class rooms, storage rooms, and closets. The scenes were then judged by the teachers and staff. St. Uriel's group won this competition and everyone had a lot of fun participating.

St. Gabriel's house members played Christmas music, as the family sat around talking, reading books, and playing with toys. An added feature was a full sized camel, compliments of the recent Christmas program. Left to right are: Lila Peterson, Nathaniel Woods, Owen Forehand, Rylie Priggel, Branson Westrich, Dane Loper, Kara Eftink, Blaine Jolley, Riley Schlosser, Seth Reed, Cooper Senciboy, Reid Hobbs, Jonah Dirnberger, Ava Forehand, Elaina Hahn, Veronica Seyer, Sophie Priggel, & Hayden Ramsey.
St. Uriel's house was chosen to be the winner. They had live singing of Christmas carols, tree decorating, book reading, and setting up of the nativity. Pictured are singers Gabe Dirnberger, Daley Siebert, Logan Dame, Dylan Levan, & Adisyn Seabaugh. Sitting around and decorating are Cora Woods, Kasyn Seabaugh, Dalaini Bryant, Sadler Mattingly, Parker Bryant, Gianna LeGrand, Everett David, & Taylor Hobbs.
St. Raphael's house had the walls decorated, a Christmas tree put up, and everyone enjoying a book read by Courtney Dirnberger. Also, pictured on the bench, are Liam LeGrand, Drew Pobst, Harper Gadberry, Kyla Rains, & Haley Webb. In front of the bench is Natalie Ramsey, Ashtyn Pobst, & Michael Eftink. On the floor to the right are Ryder Siebert, Weston Woods, Amelia LeGrand, & Courtney. In the back are Porter Gadberry, Eva LeGrand, & Lawson Hahn.
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