Speak Out 2/4/19

Thank you

Big thanks to all who braved the cold to serve others. My postman delivered to me. My newspaper was there early. Trash being picked up. Thank you to all who have to work outside even when the conditions are rough. Thank you to St. James Church and Salvation Army for taking care of the homeless. God be blessed that no one has frozen to death in our area. Could you imagine if the Polar Plunge to benefit Special Olympics had taken place when the weather was with wind chill below zero?

Dems’ response

I see where the Democrats have already chosen someone to give the rebuttal to President Trump’s SOTU address. The funny thing is, they will write this before they even know what it is. We know that they see nothing right in President Trump and that is why, when the speech is over, I simply turn off the TV. It is overly obvious that there is nothing that our president does, thinks or dreams that would ever get any positive comments from the obstructionist Democratic Party.

Save the nation

Find solutions instead of screaming at each other.

Losing the debate

The Democrats are losing the build-a-wall debate, hands down. All one must do is observe the shifting sands of how they are negotiating in bad faith. The minority leader in the Senate wants to exclude the president from any of the meetings surrounding border security negotiations.

Stop investigation

When are the Democrats going to pull the plug on the Mueller investigation? More than $30 million spent and nothing accomplished. What a waste of taxpayers’ money. It could have gone a long way on border security that we all know we need.

Dems’ rhetoric

On Jan 28, a Speak Out contributor wrote that the president “lies and does not honor his commitments.” When all else fails, the obstructionists always fall back to calling the president a liar, racist and other vile names. The name-calling tactic has been used so much that it has now become a drag. Perhaps they should try using facts rather than emotions to support their position.

Abortion law

I recently viewed a picture of New York Gov. Cuomo signing a bill allowing abortions to happen up until the moment of birth and four people are standing around him smiling. I ask, what is there to smile about? I wonder if one of those individuals standing with big smiles, including the governor, would have preferred their mother abort them? How unbelievably sad.