Letter to the Editor

Thankful for VA healthcare

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

As a veteran, I just wanted to share how much I appreciate the wonderful people and care I receive at the Poplar Bluff VAMC and the John J. Pershing VA Clinic in Cape Girardeau. Dr. Tipton, Kelly and Jim are outstanding. Bria, the Nutritionist. Dragon in respiratory. The helpful folks in the prosthetics department. The vision clinic. The audiology clinic. They are always courteous, professional and make me feel appreciated. We are extremely fortunate to have great people working for us. They truly are exemplary of the very best the VA healthcare system has to offer.

I hope that as we move forward, Congress understands that improving veterans' care does not come through cutting funding, staffing or access to the VA healthcare system. Improving the system means giving the professionals the resources they need to serve our community.