Letter to the Editor

Immigration reform needed

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Based on the latest data released by the Census Bureau, the national rate of population growth for the USA is the lowest since 1937. This is due to declines in the number of births, gains in the number of deaths, and the fact that the nation's under age 18 population has declined since 2010.

Consequences and problems of a low rate of population growth include, but are not limited to: fewer people to care and pay for a more dependent aging population, a slower growing labor force, and a slower growing economy in general.

In order for a country's population to remain stable, the fertility rate must be 2.1 births per woman or greater. Overall the United States has been below this rate since the early 1970s. The reason we have continued to have population growth is due to immigrants coming to our country. To continue to have sufficient population growth, we need to have one to one and a half million people immigrate to our country every year.

Therefore instead of making a major issue of a border wall which will cost approximately $31 billion rather than $5.7 billion, the individuals governing this country need to produce a comprehensive reform of our immigration policy. Among the items needed to be included are:

* Create criteria for immigration which encourages productive people to come to our country and become citizens.

* Establish a system of border security which includes increased personnel and utilizes the best of currently available technology.

JOHN PIEPHO, Cape Girardeau