Letter to the Editor

Don't repeal new amendment

Friday, January 4, 2019

A letter to the editor lamented that Missourians were "misled" after they overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment that placed limits on lobbyists, changed how we redistrict or reapportion our voting districts, and placed limits on campaign contributions. "Misled" is political speak. It along with "misinformed" translated into political speak mean you the voter were just too uneducated or uninformed to have an opinion. They are often used when politicians don't like having to accept the will of the people and seek to wiggle out of new rules placed on them by the people. The letter stated that the governor is seeking a "re-vote" on the issues. No, the governor plainly stated that he wants to repeal and replace these measures, and he clearly intends for the General Assembly, the very body being affected by these new rules, to do the dirty work and repeal the amendment.

This must not stand. Missourians are fed up with politicians from often gerrymandered districts, by-passing the will of the people and imposing their own self-serving rules on the election process. The governor is picking the wrong fight on this one. Don't do this governor. This is a fight that will pit you, as well as the General Assembly, squarely against the determination of most Missouri citizens to clean up the electoral process. It is a fight the people cannot and will not lose.

MARY K. MEYER, Jackson