Letter to the Editor

Redistricting issue misled voters

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Recently there have been some thoughts expressed that our government isn't listening to the voters. Sometimes that is true, but I would beg to differ with the Clean Missouri Amendment.

The Missouri governor has floated the idea of a re-vote, which I fully endorse. This "Clean Missouri" amendment was one of the most misleading amendments I have ever read. It talked of limiting lobbyists and an array of other common-sense restrictions that most people would agree on, but the one thing it barely mentioned was the redistricting that could take place like mixing districts of Southeast Missouri with areas in St. Louis and Kansas City.

I assure you that if there had been as much explanation on this topic (redistricting) as the other wordy topics included with this amendment, the voters would not have had the wool pulled over their eyes as they most certainly did with this "Clean Missouri" farce.

Bring on a vote that fairly represents the topic in a straight forward approach rather than the way this was slipped in.

Greg Illers, Cape Girardeau