Catholic Principal Appreciation Day at Guardian Angel School

Friday, November 16, 2018
Mrs. Kluesner is proudly holding the candy bar sign that the 2nd & 3rd grade students and their teacher put together. Next to her is the sign that the 5th grade girls designed for her and hung in the entry way to welcome her to school.

We gave our Principal the day off for Catholic Principal Appreciation Day on November 15, or rather, God did with a snowfall. Although the day did not go as we had planned, Mrs. Katrina Kluesner was quite surprised by the outpouring of love she received on Friday when we returned to school in Oran. The pre-k students each made a card for Mrs. Kluesner. The kindergarten class hung up a sign along the road that Mrs. Kluesner travels to work, for her to find on her way to work in the morning. The 1st grade class gave her a big chocolate chip cookie. The 2 & 3 grade class made a very creative candy bar sign. The 4th grade presented her with a jar of chill pills, aka peanut m&m's. The 5th grade girls, the 5th grade boys, and the 6th grade class each designed their own sign and hung them at the entrance to school. The 7th & 8th graders each sent an email to Mrs. Kluesner, telling her how much they appreciated her. Parents gave her appreciation letters and a staff member gave her a blessed guardian angel rosary, an angel stone, and a figurine with Psalm 91:11 written on it. She was quite surprised by all the warm sentiments.

The kindergarten class signed a banner and their teacher hung it up along the road that Mrs. Kluesner drives to work everyday.
The 5th grade boys designed their own poster and hung it in the window of the office.
The poster made by the 6th grade class was hung on Mrs. Kluesner's door.
A staff member presented Mrs. Kluesner with a blessed Guardian Angel rosary, along with a stone and a figurine with Psalm 91:11 on it.
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