Letter to the Editor

President's Cape visit will only polarize

Monday, November 5, 2018

After the 2016 election, I hoped that Trump would grow into the presidency. I was wrong. He has only become dishonorable on the world stage. He is polarizing, proudly so, and embarrassing.

I cringe at the thought that he will use Cape as his stage.

I cringe at what he might say or do to make his pit-stop here memorable.

I cringe at the thought of multiple lies, old ones long disproved and new ones yet to be easily disproved, he will spew forth here. Sadly, he will be cheered by friends and neighbors, no matter how ludicrous or how harmful his words.

I don't want to witness poison and hatred coming from neighbors, glee at his crass behavior, or that polarization to be affirmed by a POTUS, of all people! He foments hate and fear to bolster his agenda. That's what he does. He tells lies his "base" either believes or, worse, doesn't care are lies. That's what he does.

I plan to be present when 45 visits, and I will bear witness. That's what I do. I will vote. That's also what I do.

I cling to one of my 2016 beliefs, however. We will survive as a union. We will emerge from this darkness of hate and fear mongering, though every passing day brings another outrageous plan or tweet that pushes us farther apart. I pray for the sanctity of the ballot box and that the end of election season will give both sides a breather.

Liz Lockhart is a resident of Cape Girardeau.