Letter to the Editor

President and Cape values

Friday, November 2, 2018

As reported, President Trump will be visiting town next week, and I am sure the Show Me Center will be filled to the brim with his supporters. As our community begins preparation for a presidential visit, we must ask if Trump values are Cape Girardeau values. The answer is no.

The story of Cape Girardeau is one of perseverance and success -- success that stems from the work ethic of our citizens and the respect they share for each other. Growing up in Cape taught me that success and happiness are not entitlements, but things earned through a hard, honest day's work. Unfortunately, these are foreign concepts for President Trump. Whether ripping off his contractors in Atlantic City or defrauding the working class through Trump University, the President has never worked an honest day in his life, and he certainly doesn't respect anyone without the name Trump.

Cape Girardeau deserves better than Donald Trump's moral bankruptcy. The people of Cape are hardworking, honest, and respectful, and they deserve to have that reflected in their President.

Our city deserves a President with the moral conviction to do what is right over what is easy. Our city deserves a President who is not afraid of the truth. Our city deserves a President who chooses the Oval Office over a golf course when the going gets tough. Our city deserves a President with Cape Girardeau values.