Letter to the Editor

Vote 'No' on Amendment 1

Thursday, November 1, 2018

It is essential for the entire state of Missouri to vote "No" on this very deceptive amendment to our Constitution entitled "Clean Missouri." After all, almost everyone would feel that a vote for a cleaner Missouri is a vote for a better Missouri. That is just what the leftists would have us to believe. It is what is buried beneath the surface of this amendment is what frightens me the most.

If you don't believe me, then believe Doug Kneibert (columnist for the Sedalia Democrat newspaper). Visit www.sedaliademocrat.com/opinion/kneibert then go down the list to click on Doug's comments on "Clean Missouri"/Trojan Horse.

We vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6 and our problems will not be solved even if we win all conservative candidate positions. If Amendment No. 1 is passed we will have to live for many years with a Missouri Constitution modified with a Democratic advantage. George Soros, billionaire Democrat/Socialist is behind Amendment 1 and has spent $250,000 on it to increase the chances of Missouri electing more Democrats/Socialists (senators and representatives) by redistricting voting districts in the state of Missouri. This is called "gerrymandering." If you don't understand gerrymandering, take a look in your high school civics book.

Do not be surprised to hear most of the Democratic Party voicing their support to this amendment. One thing is for sure, the Democrats will not mention George Soros' support of this amendment!

Please, read and heed Doug Kneibert's above mentioned commentary in the Sedalia Democrat and ask yourselves the question: Do we need George Soros' views on display in Missouri's constitution? I think not.

Vote "No" on the "Clean Missouri" Amendment No. 1 to our Constitution!

J.B. KASTEN, Jackson