Letter to the Editor

Vote 'Yes' on D for safer roads

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

On Nov. 6, Missouri voters can make our roads and bridges safer by voting "Yes" on Proposition D. A "Yes" vote allows us to recapture lost purchasing power since the last gas tax increase in 1996. Steel, concrete and asphalt prices have doubled, and in some cases tripled, since 1996. The 17-cent gas tax of 22 years ago has 7 cents of purchasing power today.

Missouri has the second lowest motor fuel tax rate in the nation, yet we have the seventh largest transportation system. One in 10 state bridges are in poor condition or weight restricted. We can do better.

Businesses look at transportation infrastructure when considering whether to create new jobs in our state. Poor and weight restricted bridges add time and cost when delivering product to market. They also add time when first responders are needed and seconds count. We must do better.

Proposition D's gradual increase of 2.5 cents/year for four years will put us on the road to recovery. For the average cost of $5/month, Missouri drivers will have safer roads and bridges. With passage of Proposition D, we will do better.

The revenue will fund local road and bridge projects that have been identified as local priorities by local leaders. The funds are constitutionally designated and regularly audited so voters can be confident they will be used to make our roads and bridges safer. For these reasons, and others, Missourians should vote 'Yes' on Proposition D for safer roads and bridges.

JEFF GLENN, Cape Girardeau