Letter to the Editor

Where’s the leadership

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Where's the leadership

We have many choices to make on election day, and I think some of them should have been made by our lawmakers. But since they didn't act on certain issues, initiative petitions were used to put them on the ballot, and some are confusing, conflicting, or poorly worded.

To begin with, three initiatives on medical marijuana creates confusion. The lawmakers should have addressed this matter and presented one proposal to the voters.

The lawmakers did put the gasoline tax proposition on the ballot. And while most of us agree that our roads need maintenance, Proposition D would send over two-thirds of the revenue to the Highway Patrol. I'm not against the Patrol, but the premise is misleading.

And what about the "Clean Missouri" amendment that addresses redistricting, lobbying, gifts to lawmakers, etc. Ethics in government has needed attention for a long time, but a catchall, controversial ballot issue is probably not the best way to handle it.

Tack on minimum wage, more advertising of bingo games (another legislative initiative), and oh yeah, the candidates, and we have a long, complicated ballot.

It wouldn't be fair to blame all of Missouri's almost 200 lawmakers for avoiding tough decisions or passing them to the voters, but where's the leadership?

I like the idea of voting on things, but I think some things should be addressed by the lawmakers. They have the time and resources to make informed decisions, whereas many of us don't.

Gary L. Gaines, Cape Girardeau