Letter to the Editor

Citizen Academy is good program

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Cape Girardeau's inaugural Citizen Academy recently ended, and as a participant, I'd dub it an incredible success. The roughly 20 people who participated attended eight two-hour sessions held on consecutive Wednesday nights. After three initial sessions at city hall, the remaining "classes" were held at featured city departments, such as public works, parks & rec, police department and fire department.

It's easy for residents anywhere to complain about what their city government does or doesn't do, but as a relative newbie to the community I'm incredibly impressed that the city maintains 233 miles of streets, 225 miles of sewer and 319 miles of water main; that the Police Department receives more than 1,100 calls for service each week; the Fire Department responds in six minutes or less 80 percent of the time; and the park department maintains 910 acres of parks, trails and golf courses.

The Citizen Academy was designed to encourage participation in the city's many boards and committees. Kudos to those who came up with the idea, those who worked behind the scenes to make it a reality and those who did the presentations. I encourage anyone who wants to help Cape grow and prosper to participate in future Citizen Academy sessions. It is indeed an education.

LISA CHURCH, Cape Girardeau