Halloween Carnival Draws a Crowd At Guardian Angel School

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
Parker Bryant, Jr. Beta member, & Ann Whistle, Jr. Beta sponsor, sell Amelia LeGrand a ticket for the hayride.

Guardian Angel School in Oran held its annual Halloween Carnival the Friday before Halloween (October 26) and drew a record breaking crowd. The school gym was very crowded and the meal line extended down the hall and through the outside door at times, but the children, dressed as anything from princesses to monsters, had a wonderful time. The children in costumes played a variety of games, took pictures at the prepared photo spot, or just hung out with their friends. There was also a hayride with a little bit of haunting, provided by the Jr. Beta Club. It was a very inexpensive evening. The food was all you could eat for $5, with 5 and under eating free. The games cost $3 for the entire evening, with the prizes being candy. The hayride was $2 for a 20 minute excursion around the town of Oran. Be sure to come out and join us next year and have lots of fun.

"Watch out Ashtyn, a shark is about to eat your head!!". Pictured are Ryder Siebert, Jonah Dirnberger, and Ashtyn Pobst.
Natalie Ramsey, Sadler Mattingly, & Elaina Hahn take time out from playing games to take a picture at the carnival.
Even some adults wore costumes for the carnival. Cinderella, her Prince Charming, her stepmother and 2 step sisters, the Fairy Godmother, and the 2 mice that turned into horses for Cinderella's coach, were all present for the carnival. Pictured are Amelia LeGrand (stepmother), Eva LeGrand (step sister), Isabella LeGrand (Cinderella), Gianna LeGrand (step sister), & Liam LeGrand (Prince Charming) in the front and Altyn Timlin (Fairy Godmother), Leslie Timlin (mouse), & Geri LeGrand (mouse) in the back.
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