Police working with landlords to keep Cape safe

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Cape Girardeau Police Department continues rolling out proactive and innovative programs to help deter crime, rather than just react to it.

The latest program is called The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. It's a three-phase, international initiative that engages apartment owners and residents, police and other agencies, according to a recent report by Mark Bliss.

The program was announced last year, but the department is getting ready for the initial implementation, which begins with a property and managers workshop scheduled for 6 p.m. Oct. 25 at the police station.

The police department and the Cape Area Landlord Association already have a "great relationship" according to Cpl. Richard Couch, who is coordinating the new program. Police hope to build on that.

Later, the program will include assessments of property about actions that could be taken to make properties safer, such as lighting; and also encourage "safety socials" for residents at units. The last phase of the program will include working with and training tenants.

In the last couple of years, Cape police have included data analysis, video surveillance databases, training for mental illness calls, working with transit drivers and more. This is the latest in chief Wes Blair's aim to take community policing to the next level and implement a strategy that supplements uniformed officers with informed residents to fight crime in smart ways.

We tip our caps to our local blue for working with landlords and regular people across the city to keep Cape Girardeau safer.

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