Employability Summit

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Employability Summit is made to help enrich the lives and businesses within the Southeast regions. Hiring someone who has a disability shouldnít have to be scary and we want to help make it so it isnít. Disability is a factor that most everyone will face at some point in their life and bring awareness to the community and employers will help make us a stronger community overall. Within the event you will be able to get information from a Labor and Employment Attorney. This attorney focuses her practice on five primary areas. (1) Assisting employers with preparing and implementing sound practices, procedures, and agreements. (2) Conducting employee training on a variety of topics such as harassment, discrimination, FMLA and ADA. (3) Advising Human Resources representatives on day-to-day situations. Examples include: FMLA issues, ADA accommodations, difficult terminations, affirmative action obligations, wage and hour issues, and discrimination and harassment issues. (4) Conducting audits and investigations. This includes conducting Fair Labor Standards Act audits, investigations of employee complaints, and affirmative action audits. (5) Managing litigation when it arises, assisting with investigating and defending Charges of Discrimination, responding to demand letters, assessing the legal strength of a claim or potential claim, and managing the work in a lawsuit. You will also hear from a Senior EEOC Investigator from the St. Louis District Office. This speaker has over 13 years of experience investing allegations of employment discrimination and has investigated complex class and systemic cases as well as egregious single issue cases. And you do not want to miss our key note speaker, Donald Goosens. Donald is currently a Rehab for the Blind Counselor who happens to be completely blind himself, as he went blind at the age of 16. He will explain his journey through employment, hurdles and roadblocks along the way, answer ADA questions, touch base on employer insurance concerns, and speak about his success of completing degrees in college, as well as his employment success, which he uses now to help others in their journey. After our speakers you will have a chance to get your questions answered by the panel, enjoy three exhibits set up by the Ability Institute, and network with other businesses. We really hope you can join us, or if you canít send someone from your establishment who would be able to bring the knowledge that they learned back to apply within the workforce. This event is great for anyone who hires, fires, over sees/managers, and/or writes job descriptions. This event will take place September 25, 2018 at the lovely Cape Girardeau Public Library on 711 Clark Street from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The event is free to attend, but we are asking everyone to register in respect of safety codes at the library. Registration link can be found at: https://goo.gl/forms/twuGBlALSunizwOn1 or you can email us at EmploySoutheast@gmail.com for us to get you registered. We also will be providing breakfast and lunch, thanks to some of our wonderful sponsors.

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