Letter to the Editor

Right and wrong

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

To all the well-meaning citizens demanding stricter gun-control laws, suggest holding a convention and try to improve on the Ten Commandments (not suggestions) that God gave to Moses sometime between 1440 and 1441 BC. Emphasis should be placed on number six: Thou shall not kill. They have been assured the completed legislation will become the law of the land immediately.

A week later a member is confronted by a gun-wielding robber who demands his money or his life. At this point he presents a copy of the stricter gun laws and informs the robber of the consequence of non-compliance. The next thing he remembers is standing before Saint Peter and telling him the last thing he remembers is the light flash from the gun muzzle. Moral of the story: It is impossible to legislate principles of right and wrong.

DAN JOHNSON, Advance, Missouri