Letter to the Editor

What divides us

There are many things that divide us in this country. I believe the top three are abortion, guns, and immigration.

Abortion is probably the most emotional of our differences. Iíve never met anyone who is comfortable with abortions, but how do we deal with unwanted pregnancies? In an ideal world there would be no unwanted pregnancies, but in our world they will continue to occur, and we will continue to be divided on what to do about them.

The right to own guns is almost as emotional. Some say guns cause violence and others say guns prevent violence. Thatís a big difference of opinion. And since gun ownership is protected by the constitution and is part of our culture, legal solutions arenít easy.

Most people are okay with legal immigration, but illegal immigration causes disagreement on issues like a border wall, sanctuary cities, and DACA. Itís good that so many people want to come to America, but weíre divided on how to manage the millions of illegal ones already here, as well as those who keep coming.

Race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc., still divide us, but I believe anti-discrimination laws and changes in public opinion have brought us a little closer in those areas. However, abortion, guns, and immigration will probably continue to divide us for many years. I just hope we stay civil and look for solutions, because every divisive issue has a solution if we believe it does.

GARY L. GAINES, Cape Girardeau