Letter to the Editor

Appeal to Sikeston PD

Friday, August 17, 2018

I have followed the David Robinson exoneration story closely.

One of the many details of the case that has come from David's story, but has gotten little attention, is the fate of my uncle, Russell Montjoy.

Russell was a confidential informant for former Det. John Blakely with the Sikeston Department of Public Safety.

Russell was also the uncle of Romanze Mosby, who would confess to killing Sheila Box. I believe my uncle may have been killed in connection to the case. Russell was the first informant in the case on the night of the murder.

Several months after Russell gave Blakely his "statement" -- untrue, if he gave it at all -- he mysteriously disappeared, his body to be recovered months later in New Madrid County. Russell was both an informant and an addict, but he was family, and he deserves justice.

Our family has grieved the loss of my uncle. My mother and grandfather both died desperately wanting to know what happened to their brother and son. A detective once told my grandfather that he knew who killed my uncle.

Information about my uncle's disappearance and murder has been hidden from public view. It's almost as if he didn't exist, a crime never happened and his death doesn't matter to the authorities. I believe Blakely and others know what happened to Russell. Our family deserves to know where the case stands. I implore the Sikeston DPS to give another hard look at my uncle's murder, and I ask that anyone with information about my uncle's death to step forward so my family can experience closure.

COURTNEY BLISSETT, Sikeston, Missouri