Letter to the Editor

Meals grant is good for students

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Congratulations to Cape Girardeau Public Schools for securing a USDA grant to provide free breakfast and lunch to all school children for the next four years. Using federal government dollars to feed children who would not receive nourishing meals is a win for everyone. Countless studies indicate that a hungry child does not succeed educationally, socially, or behaviorally. Although it would be ideal if every parent or caregiver provide all aspects of healthy support for their children, reality does not support the ideal. Using our tax dollars to support all public school students is my idea of the ideal use of government dollars!

Thank you Dr. Neil Glass, Josh Crowell, and Dana McClard for securing these funds to help provide a healthier and more successful future to our students.

GEORGANNE P. SYLER, PhD, RD, Cape Girardeau