Elections: They can't happen without dedicated people

Monday, August 13, 2018

Every election deserves a fair amount of gratitude.

We are thankful, first for the freedom to vote our conscience. Thankful to live in country where the people get to decide who represents them in government. Thankful we are not beholden to dictators but live by rules established by people of our choosing.

We are thankful for those who carry the burden of representing us. We are thankful people care enough about their community, their state and their country that they would put their names and reputations out there for public scrutiny, inspection and criticism.

We are thankful even for those who lose their political endeavors, for entering the arena, for the hours spent on campaigns; for their hours were not fruitless but gave us choices. Their efforts, we hope, brought out the best in their opponents and serve as a reminder to those in office they can be challenged at the next term.

We are thankful for our election volunteers, who spend their Election Days working at the polls, ensuring everyone is treated fairly and serve as watchdogs for those who might try to cheat the system. We are thankful for our county clerks, who face their own elections every four years themselves, for their dedication to election rules and processes, for every single election, no matter how big or small.

And of course, we thank the voters, the people who care enough for their communities, who not only take time out of their day to cast their ballots, but for those who take the time to educate themselves on the candidates and issues before filling in those ovals.

No matter which part you played in the election process, we offer our profound thanks for doing your part in our democratic process.

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