Letter to the Editor

Prop. A bad for workers

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

One way Missourians can make a good living is through the construction industry. My father raised our family through working construction in the Southeast Missouri area and now I'm doing the same for my family. We support other industries, too. We build the structure other businesses use to operate and we try to support local small business.

Proposition A threatens all of that. Proposition A is a direct attack on the institutions that ensure we make a decent wage and provide the training for Missourians to get construction jobs. I am worried that Proposition A would force me to accept lower wages. Prop A would also destroy apprenticeships, a key tool for skilled labor and opportunities for future generations to work in construction.

I don't think the Jefferson City politicians supporting Proposition A understand the role we play in the community and the opportunities construction provides. That's why Proposition A is targeting our community for such a strong attack. I urge you to preserve our ability to make a decent wage and support our communities by voting No on Proposition A on Aug. 7.

PAUL K. CONRAD, Glenallen, Missouri