Letter to the Editor

Debating Prop A merits

Monday, July 30, 2018

A previous letter to the editor supporting Proposition A contained some statements which need to be addressed. I support Proposition A. I am no fan of unions and have always opposed compulsory union membership or dues. But in fairness, it was stated that labor unions contribute “billions and billions of dollars” to the Democrats. Fact is, in 2016, unions donated around $170 million to Democrats. The rich making over half a million a year donated $757 million to Political Action Committees. Fat cats, both Democratic and Republican, have way too much influence in our elections, not just unions.

Pro-life religious opinion was injected into the debate. That’s not a particularly helpful thing to do if supporting Proposition A since polls show over 70 percent of the public oppose repeal of Roe v Wade. Some Democrats and Republicans oppose abortion, while some from both parties support it. At any rate, Proposition A and the abortion debate have nothing to do with each other, and the focus should be on the merits of Proposition A, not other issues.

The angry division in our country is heart breaking. Families are divided, and church congregations have split over political squabbles. Church attendance is falling partly because of the divisive forced marriage of religion and politics. Inflammatory and often misleading information is being thrown carelessly into important debates. We seem to have lost the art of discussing issues honestly, and in a civil tone. It is time to change that.

MARY K. MEYER, Jackson