Letter to the Editor

Veterans unite

Monday, July 30, 2018

My fellow Americans, I started with those words to get your attention. Do you remember who spoke those words to us? He was brave! Just listen to words on Jimmy Dean’s (the Sausage Guy) song “P.T. 109.” President Kennedy took on Russia, because of their actions in Cuba. He showed bravery in war and peace time.

I am a Vietnam veteran. I enlisted in the Navy. I wanted to serve my country.

I was sickened by our president’s remarks this week in Helsinki with Putin. He sucker punched me so hard it took my breath away. I flashed back to Jane Fonda. She went to North Vietnam and told the world how the U.S.A. was so wrong. Flash forward to July 16, 2018, and our president is saying the same thing. Veterans mobilize.

This is not politics. This is love of our country. We must protect ourselves from his ignorance, stupidity, incompetence or whatever. He is my president and he needs to represent Americans. Putin is not in our club. Shameful.