Letter to the Editor

Thanks for insurance story

Thank you to Marybeth Niederkorn and the Southeast Missourian for providing the public with helpful information about the Affordable Care Act (Aka: Obamacare) and East Missouri Action Agency's continued efforts to help individuals and families learn the facts.

The general public relies on all media to provide big picture facts, but the varied details about the health law are just too vast to print or explain in a news story. That's why counselors like myself want to talk with consumers one-on-one. Marybeth's recent informational piece about EMAA receiving funds to provide another year of health insurance counseling and support services to the Southeast Missouri region did have an immediate impact. I was able to help one of your readers save $96 a month on her plan and lower her yearly deductible by $2,500. She was ready to cancel her policy because she had lost her job and told me she'd "heard" she couldn't keep her policy if she wasn't working. Just goes to prove two important points: 1) Don't believe everything you hear -- especially when the topic is as important as your health -- and 2) It never hurts to ask a question because the answer might be better than you expected. Thanks again.

GINA MARTIN, Cape Girardeau