Missouri HOSA Attends HOSA’s 41st Annual International Leadership Conference

Members from Marquette High School receiving 3rd Place in Medical Innovation- Original


My name is Maddie Merrill, and I am a state officer for HOSA- Future Health Professionals, an organization dedicated to serving middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college level students looking to join the health care field. Recently, we have just returned from our International Leadership Conference (ILC) in Dallas, Texas. Many schools from South East Missouri attended. I speak on behalf of the entire organization when I say that we would love to be featured in your newspaper. HOSA is an amazing experience, and we believe that everyone looking to pursue a career in health education should be apart of it. Here is the article:

HOSA-Future Health Professionals, the largest international organization for middle school, high school, and postsecondary/collegiate students with an interest in the health professions, held its annual International Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas, June 27-30, 2018. Nearly 10,000 health science students, advisors, government and private sector leaders, judges, family, and guests gathered at the Omni Dallas Hotel & Convention Center to compete, learn and network with members from across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and American Samoa. Delegates took advantage of four exciting general sessions, 130 educational symposiums, 110 exhibits from companies, universities, and nonprofit organizations, and much more! Some of this year’s ILC highlights included remarks for VADM Jerome M. Adams, U.S. Surgeon General at the Opening Session in addition to the keynote speaker, Dr. Rick Rigsby, who encouraged HOSA members to make an impact, not just an impression. For the first-time ever, HOSA members received over one million dollars in scholarships at both the state and international levels. Emily Michaelis from Kearney High School received a $1,000.00 scholarship from Cengage Learning.

Over 6,900 competitors competed in one of HOSA’s 60 health-related competitive events. These competitors won at their local, regional, state, and country competitions to earn their spot at HOSA’s 2018 International Leadership Conference! A total of 262 participants from 42 Missouri HOSA chapters competed in forty-seven (47) competitive and five (5) recognition events and 23 individuals placed in the top 10, along with an additional 33 individuals and chapters being recognized for their service and leadership.

Results are located below:

Postsecondary Competitive Event Awards:

• Creative Problem Solving:

o State Fair Community College received 5th Place

o Team Members: Sarah Loomis, Seth Kuda & Kyra Price

o Advisor: Rhonda Hutton Gann

Secondary Competitive Event Awards:

• Biomedical Debate:

o Central High School received 2nd Place

o Team Members: Zoe Hancock, Bryan Liu & Sreya Mandava

o Advisor: Adrienne Deckard

• Biomedical Laboratory Science:

o Evan Morris received 9th Place

o Park Hill South High School

o Advisors: Deborah Landuyt and Katie Jones

• Clinical Nursing:

o Madelyn McGeehon received 8th Place

o Orchard Farm High School

o Advisor: Michael Seideman

• Community Awareness:

o Bayless High School received 10th Place

o Team Members: Elma Mujezinovic & Amina Hamza

o Advisor: Lisa Wallace

• CPR/First Aid:

o Four Rivers Career Center received 2nd Place

o Team Members: Megan Geiler & Bailey Bair

o Advisor: Leslie Quint

• Job Seeking Skills:

o Josh Scheiderer received 7th Place

o Kickapoo High School

o Advisor: Jami Jansen

• Knowledge Test – Behavioral Health:

o Jora Wang received 8th Place

o Marquette High School

o Advisor: Lisa Del Pizzo

• Knowledge Test – Pathophysiology:

o Kathleen Meininger received 3rd Place

o Columbia Area Career Center

o Advisors: Christine Roberson and Chris Phelps

• Medical Innovation – Existing:

o Marquette High School received 6th Place

o Team Members: Briana Aguilar & Tiffany Yoon

o Advisor: Lisa Del Pizzo

• Medical Innovation – Original:

o Marquette High School received 3rd Place

o Team Members: Neha Bollam, Kelley Sinning, & Kayla Berry

o Advisor: Lisa Del Pizzo

• Medical Reading:

o Megan Seaton received 9th Place

o Blue Springs High School

o Advisor: Alicia Leimkuehler

• Medical Spelling:

o Anne Cole received 9th Place

o Blue Springs High School

o Advisor: Alicia Leimkuehler

• Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking:

o Edward Toderescu-Stavila received 7th Place

o Smith Cotton High School

o Acting Advisor: Wade Norton

Bethany Moore from Central High School received recognition for scoring in the exam mastery category on the Health Care Issues Exam. This written test measures knowledge and understanding at the recall, application or analysis levels. References are listed in the guidelines in preparation of the exam and included health care related articles from CBS News

Healthwatch, NBC news, CNN and Medline Plus. Three (3) Chapters created a reflection book to record and preserve their chapter’s

achievements during a single school year. There is an optional project display time at the International Leadership Conference.

Outstanding HOSA Chapter:

• Liberty High School

• Rolla Technical Center

• Smith-Cotton High School

Twenty-three (23) individuals were recognized for completion of community service hours throughout the 2017-2018 school year in three categories: Gold (250+ Approved Hours); Silver (175.0-249.9 Approved Hours); and Bronze (100.0-174.9 Approved Hours). The Barbara James Service Award is in memory of Barbara James, 1982-1983 HOSA Inc. Board Chairman. Her leadership skills and contributions to HOSA exemplify the caring and compassion of HOSA members. This award seeks to recognize individual HOSA members who have a commitment to community service in health.

Barbara James Service Award:

• Gold Recognition:

o Sydney Armstrong, Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience

o Juan Alega, Francis Howell North High School

• Silver Recognition

o Stephanie Ham, Jefferson College Area Technical School

o Dharti Patel, Columbia Area Career Center

o Emily Michaelis, Kearney High School

o Kavin Anand, Columbia Area Career Center

• Bronze Recognition

o Allison Wood, Sikeston Career and Technology Center

o Chyann Pickering, Jefferson College Area Technical School

o Priya Barua, Columbia Area Career Center

o Berenise Castro, Sikeston Career and Technology Center

o Neah Delaney, Jefferson College Area Technical School

o Hannah Bode, Sikeston Career and Technology Center

o Chloe Coleman, Jefferson College Area Technical School

o Nurefsan Guneri, Frontier STEM High School

o Chyanne Worley, Sikeston Career and Technology Center

o Brooke Bzdawka, Timberland High School

o Kailey Riley, Carrolton Area Career Center

o Kenna Vaughn, Timberland High School

o Sofia Angel, Timberland High School

o Yash Pal Khanna, Columbia Area Career Center

o Mia Ruppel, Timberland High School

o Ashwin Garlapaty, Eureka High School

o Zoe Schweitzer, Jefferson College Area Technical School

The HOSA Service Project involves the sponsorship of a national health organization, currently the National Alliance on Mental Illness, by local HOSA chapters. This encourages HOSA members to provide community service through the adoption of goals and implementation of strategies related to the support of a national health organization. Three (3) chapters were recognized at the HOSA International Leadership Conference.

HOSA Service Project:

• Timberland High School, Certificate of Recognition

• Frontier STEM High School, Certificate of Recognition

• Columbia Area Career Center, Certificate of Recognition

The Outstanding HOSA Achievement award was created in the 2017-2018 school year as a new recognition event. This event is designed to recognize chartered associations for their special achievements, projects, events, and activities that are completed by and unique to individual chartered associations. Missouri HOSA was one of three states selected for this award. The submission was from Central High School.

Also recognized at the HOSA International Leadership Conference was Daryn Adler from Liberty High School who served as the 2017-2018 Missouri HOSA State President and now serves as Missouri HOSA’s first State Postsecondary Representative. Daryn was honored for her commitment to HOSA through outstanding leadership in her state association and was named Missouri’s Outstanding Leader.

Last, Michelle Lawrence from Kearney High School was honored as Missouri’s Chapter Advisor of the Year.

For more information on HOSA’s International Leadership conference, visit – http://ilc.hosa.org/.

About HOSA

HOSA-Future Health Professionals is a state and international organization for students interested in and preparing for a health careers. In Missouri, there are 94 chapters throughout the state with 3,725 members which include students, advisors, alumni, and professional members.

HOSA–Future Health Professionals is the largest international organization operating in schools for students enrolled in health science and biomedical sciences programs and serving those interested in pursuit of careers in health and biomedical professions. HOSA's purpose is to develop leadership and technical competencies through a program of motivation, awareness and recognition, which is an integral part of the instructional program. This student-led organization provides opportunities for students to practice and refine their academic, technical, leadership, and teamwork skills to achieve seamless transition from education to careers.

Since 1976, HOSA has served 2.5 million students interested in pursuing careers in health. HOSA is the vital pipeline for the health industry—an industry that is projected to add 5.0 million jobs between 2012 and 2022, growing faster than jobs across all other sectors.