Letter to the Editor

Cape needs better Fourth celebration

After careful consideration of the direction and focus the city of Cape Girardeau has for the downtown area, I have come to the following conclusions.

For the past few years, we have had limited festivals or celebrations that have drawn visitors to our riverfront area. This past Fourth of July, nothing was planned for any downtown celebration, resulting in only a handful of businesses that were open.

In researching other riverfront towns, you will find festivals, firework displays, and parades scheduled to observe the Fourth of July holiday. Other surrounding cities and towns celebrate the holiday -- such as the day-long schedule of events in Jackson. Hats off to Jackson and the city leadership for their planning.

I write this letter in frustration as to the vision the city has for the downtown Cape area. Do we really want to provide opportunities for people to travel to the downtown area to attend celebrations and festivals? Or are we satisfied by not taking advantage of a downtown located next to one of the greatest waterways in the world? If these events were held on the banks of the Mississippi River, not only would the shops, restaurants and galleries benefit, but having others visit our historic riverfront area would hopefully help them to appreciate and understand how fortunate we are to have such a treasure.

I ask our city leaders to actively consider a vision that includes opportunities to address these concerns and to help our downtown be a destination for many.