Letter to the Editor

Smart girls

I'm pretty upset. I've complained to the ACLU, the White House, and the Hague in hopes of getting some attention to this matter. So far nobody gives a rip. I'm talking about the fact that more girls are valedictorians of their graduating class than boys. Recent newspaper articles show most local valedictorians are girls. It's not fair.

High school boys aren't generally known for their mental acuteness, but they're not stupid either. So what gives? Maybe the girls are getting all the brain food in the cafeteria, or maybe the boys are paying more attention to the girls than their books. Or maybe, just maybe, the girls are naturally smarter than the boys, you know, (heaven forbid) a gene thing.

At the rate we're going, females will be running the world in a few years. Those valedictorian girls will go to college and come out full of knowledge and capabilities far beyond their male contemporaries. And think about what will happen then. There will be fewer sex scandals, fewer wars, and greater all-around trust in business and government, because the girls won't promise one thing and do another.

I think I'll drop my complaints to the authorities. This girl-power thing is starting to have appeal. Actually, we suspected it would happen some day. We just didn't know when. And now that it's becoming a reality, maybe we should just be glad. Good luck, girls! Take over and do better.

Gary L. Gaines, Cape Girardeau